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  • Subway Restaurants
  • Dairy Queen
  • Hunt Brothers Pizza

Restaurants & To-Go Food

If you ask our customers what they love about BellStores, many would say that our variety is a top reason why they enjoy shopping with us. In addition to the food and drinks we sell inside of our stores, we offer various “to-go” meal offerings for your convenience.

We offer Bell’s Bistro at many of our locations, meaning that a fresh and delicious sandwich is always waiting for you to grab when you’re on the go. From loaded salads to turkey and Italian subs, Bell’s Bistro offers a wide variety of choices to help keep you on full. Easy, convenient, and fresh!

To give you more options when you’re on-the-move, many of our stores feature a Subway, Dairy Queen, Domino’s Pizza, or Hunt Brothers Pizza. Better yet, some of our stores offer more than one of these restaurants, giving you even more choices! We conveniently have 20 Subway restaurants at our locations, along with 19 Hunt Brother’s locations and growing. We also have 8 Dairy Queens that are ready when you’re looking for some great fan food.